Classification of MSMEs & Procedure for Udyam Registration

ENTERPRISE CLASSIFICATION Based on the following requirements for Udyam registration, an enterprise shall be categorized as a micro, small, or medium enterprise, namely: (i) A microbusiness, with a revenue of no more than five crore rupees and an investment in plant, machinery, or equipment of no more than one crore rupees; (ii) A small business with a revenue of no more than fifty…
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Udyam Registration: A Key to Unlocking Government Benefits and Incentives for MSMEs

Introduction: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are crucial to the growth and development of any economy. In India, MSMEs contribute significantly to employment generation, manufacturing output, and export earnings. However, despite their importance, MSMEs often struggle to access credit, technology, and markets, which limits their growth potential. To address these challenges, the…
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